Testing & Commissioning Engineer

Experience : 5 + Yrs

Education Qualification: Diploma/ BE

Company Profile : It is a Jordanian company specialized in Oil & Gas Sector in both Upstream & Downstream Projects. It has been a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor of storage tanks for Crude Oil and Oil Products in Iraq (Fixed and Floating Roof).

 Job Description :

·         Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 400/132 KV GIS.

·         Testing & commissioning of 220 MW, 35 MW, and 14.5MW Generators.

·         Erection, Testing & commissioning of 6.6 KV Switchgear.

·         Erection, Testing & commissioning of 415V Switchgear.

·         Erection, Testing & commissioning of Transformers.

·         Erection, Testing & commissioning of LT /HT motors.

·         Erection, Testing & commissioning of Control & Relay Panels

·         Erection of all electrical equipment’s, panels, motors (HT/LT).

·         Testing and commissioning of all major electrical equipment’s in the    plant i.e, 220 KV,132 KV Switchyard, 315 MVA Transformer, battery charger, UPS, AC-DC drives etc.

·         Setting up 132 KV Transmission line.

·         Earthing of entire plant.

·         Checking civil foundation drawings regarding electrical equipments before their final casting.

·         Designing and implementing of cable route for the entire plant

·         Cable laying and termination.

·         Relay testing (Micom, ABB, Simens, P&B) in all major equipment’s.

·         Checking of synchronizing scheme of 220 MW, 14.5 MW Turbo- Generator with PSEB grid.



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