Senior Reliability Engineer

  1. Senior Reliability Engineer

Job Description:


Health, Safety and Environment

 Support the institution of an HSE culture and adhere to relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation, ensuring that they are effectively implemented in relevant domain

Business Strategy

 Support development of and communicate COMPANY Reliability Strategy and ensure reliability efforts are aligned with the overall business goals

 Design/develop specific Business Application related to Reliability realm

Budgets and Business Plans

 Develop and implement the Reliability yearly business plan and allocate the optimal budget in line with Department’s business objectives,

 Monitor, on regular basis, expenditures against the approved budget and investigate & reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control,


 Develop and ensure an effective implementation of Corporate Reliability Systems and standards based on relevant international references, current industry best practices and shareholder requirements,

 Establish corporate Reliability guidelines and ensure homogeneity/alignment of practices, streamlining of processes and simplification of approaches across all operations assets & projects,

 Define and ensure the establishment of COMPANY Total Reliability Management (GTRM) principles across COMPANY throughout asset life cycle,

 Develop & maintain a corporate Reliability Metrics that provides the status of proactive and reactive reliability of company assets,

 Keep abreast of and evaluate new industry reliability products and techniques for applications at HQ/site

 Lead, collaboratively with facilities/stakeholders, the roll-out & implementations of methods & policies necessary for Asset Reliability Management,

 Act as COMPANY Reliability focal point and ensure continuous coordination with Project, Sites, TE and other concerned parties through regular visits, contacts and meetings

Reliability in Project/Design

 Establish, maintain and ensure the implementation of an effective Reliability Availability Modeling

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