Sr Manager Maintenance

Sr Manager Maintenance 

Job Profile:–
Operation & maintenance of Utilities:

* Maintenance of 440 TR of Chilling plant.
* Troubleshooting of low suction pressure, high differential pressure problem.
* Maintenance of contactor, relay, circuit breaker
* Maintenance of cooling tower & fans
* Maintenance of condenser & chiller
Operation & Maintenance of Fiber drawing tower:

* Troubleshooting of Nextrom & LG tower
* Troubleshooting of proof testing machine
* Troubleshooting of take up, vaccum cleaner
Operation & maintenance of Hp Lp compressor:

* High speeds centrifugal Separator (Alfa Laval), compressor
Maintenance of air handling unit:

*Maintenance of filters
Maintenance of battery based ups system:

*Maintenance of lead acid battery