Apostille Services in Bangalore

Apostille Services in Bangalore

Glad to update the Bangalorians that we have now launched apostille services in Bangalore which is very Safe and Reliable process. We take care of picking up and delivering your documents at your destination. Get in touch with the most experienced experts who will take care of all the processes involved in apostille attestation.

There are designated authorities in every country to issue apostille certificates or legalization. Apostilles are commonly issued for various documents related to adoption cases, for commercial documents, for educational documents and for court records, land records, school documents and patent applications.

What is Apostille?

It is a type of attestation in which the documents are legalised in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations that belong to Hague Convention. Apostille is an international attestation that is acceptable in about 92 countries, and most of the western world recognises Apostille.

The Hague Conference on Private International Law, the international organization that created the Apostille Convention, maintains an Apostille Section on its website with helpful information such as a user brochure The ABCs of Apostilles, and links to competent authorities for every country, including the United States, where the Convention is in force.

All countries cannot issue apostille, only the countries who had signed ‘Hague agreement for abolishing the need for public documents’. Once apostille is obtained, it is automatically considered ‘valid’ and ‘acceptable’ in all the 98 hague convention countries.

What is the Hague Convention?

On October 5, 1961, many nations joined to create a simplified method of “legalizing” documents for universal recognition. This group of nations is known as the Hague Convention. They adopted a document referred to as an Apostille that is internationally recognized by all member nations.

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