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Affidavit Certificate Attestation

Affidavit Certificate Attestation

Affidavit? What is Affidavit?

We often heard and use the term ‘Affidavit Certification’ for many different purpose for Contracts, Agreements and other Legal documents. So what does that mean? We can simply say that an Affidavit  is a kind of written court testimony.

Affidavit Certificate attestation

On other side, Certificate have many meaning in different context. Certified translations are the proof that it is handled professionally, a certificate add an advantage and authenticity. This is very essential in court , in business transactions and in the immigration processing.

If you are thinking to move to other country for Job purpose or any other at that time Affidavit becomes important because authentication is mandatory everywhere you go.

Affidavit attestation is required for bringing the certificate holder abroad. This is mostly used in Gulf Country. Affidavit attestation is to be prepared on a stamp paper, seal and the signature of the Notary Public Is required on it.

Affidavit attestation is to be completed first from the home country, where the certificates get issued, then the foreign country with candidate plans to travel.
The Affidavit certificate attestation should be certified from the embassy of the destination country in the certificate issued country.

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