What is Apostille attestation?

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What is Apostille?

An Apostille is term for legal verification, which comes from the French territory means certify or authenticate.  Apostille refers to authenticating the seals and signatures of officials on public documents. Those Documents are acceptable in all nations those are members of Hague Convention. It Abolishes the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. It ensures that documents issued in one signatory country will be taken as valid in another signatory country. In other words it is a valid proof that you carry to a destination country saying whoever issued this document is legally allowed to issue the documents and the contents in the documents are authentic. Apostille is an international certification comparable to a notarisation in domestic law, and normally supplements a local notarisation of the document.

India is a member of the Hague Convention from 2005.  Apostille is acceptable in nearly 117 countries of the Convention. As per the Convention any document Apostilled in any member country is acceptable in all the other 116 member-countries. Due to this the process of attestation is simplified. Now it is unnecessary, to attested documents in each or for each of the countries separately. This makes it easier for peoples and organisations to have public documents legalised for foreign use.

For which documents attestation could be done?

Personal documents– Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney etc.

Educational documents– Degree, Diploma, Matriculation & Secondary Level Certificates etc.

What is procedure for Apostille attestation?

  1. State authentication- This is the first step of authentication. In this step your document will authenticated from HRD (If document is educational), Home Department (if document is personal) and chamber of commerce (if document is commercial). All these state authorities have information about your document. After authentication, they sign and seal the document.
  • MEA apostille: After authentication from state level, your document is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs and they put apostille stamp on your paper. The process ends here.

For further details about apostille attestation in India please Click Here.

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