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Certificate Attestation for UAE in Delhi

Certificate attestation for UAE in Delhi has become one of the most in demand service as number of people going to UAE for employment has grown vigorously.

Process of UAE Certificate Attestation in Delhi

steps for UAE attestation process
  1. Notary Attestation– It is the first step of attestation. It is carried out at the local level by the authorized government officials.
  1. HRD Attestation – HRD attestation is the process of verification of the educational documents. HRD authentication centre is present in each state. If the educational document needs to get attested from the ministry of external affairs, then it should be first validated by the respective state HRD Department where university/ Board/ council is situated and from where the same certificates have been appointed.

3. MEA Attestation– The MEA professionals proceed with this part of the attestation. When the papers are complete, as a mark of verification, the MEA provides a stamp.

  1. UAE Embassy Attestation– The attestation from the MEA is later re-checked by the authorisation of the respective embassy. This ensures the reliability of the documents. If you are looking for the certification for UAE Visa, the UAE Embassy will attest your documents.
  1. MOFA Attestation– MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is the department that handles the foreign affairs for UAE. You must do MOFA attestation before applying for Visa because MOFA attestation in compulsory.

Is HRD attestation mandatory for Certificate attestation for UAE in Delhi?

Yes , since last two months UAE Consulate has made HRD attestation of respective state mandatory for attestation of educational certificates bu UAE Consulate. Earlier this was not mandatory and those who did not have HRD attestation were able to attest from UAE consulate.
What is the revised process of UAE attestation ?
Now the educational document has to be first verified by the respective university. Then it has to be attested by Home Department and then by HRD in Mantralaya in Mumbai (for all documents in Maharashtra). Respective processes should be followed for certificates originating from other states in India. After HRD the document has to be notarized, followed by MEA attestation (Ministry of External Affairs) and then finally submitted to UAE consulate for attestation. Overall process may take 8 – 10 working days after the HRD.
How HRD attestation can be done by agents ?
No, unfortunately HRD attestation cannot be undertaken by agents third parties. Only the holder of certificates or his/ her blood relatives can undertake HRD attestation of certificates. Even if some agents claim that they can undertake to do HRD themselves, finally the concerned person has to be present for certificate submission and only assistance is given by the agency.
Is HRD compulsory now for all attestations like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA(Saudi) ?
Yes, now all consulates have made HRD attestation compulsory prior to the consulate attestation. This has in fact increased the hassles for candidates in terms of time and efforts required for getting the document attested, but the rules are mandatory and no requests of attestations without HRD are entertained.
Is it possible to attest documents from UAE consulate without HRD ?
Yes only the non-educational certificates do not need the HRD attestation ex. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, transfer certificates etc. can be attested from UAE consulate without HRD.  In case of Educational Documents, there is a process by which HRD attestation can be bypassed, however there can be a cost implication in the attestation fees.
Is it possible to get assistance of professional agencies in attestation process?
Yes, some professional agencies do assist candidates for above process, however one should be prudent to choose the agency for there are cases of counterfeit attestations or delays of weeks and months after handing over to agencies. Choosing a reliable agency is very critical.